Ruben's tires is the #1 only for one reason.

We care about our customers, to us there is no better feeling than when our customers leave with a smile in their face or thank us for a job well done even though it should be us thanking them for trusting in our staff, however this unique way of costumer service is displayed and enforced most by the owner.

The next paragraph is a small biography of how he started his business but before you go on and read it we at Ruben's tires service would like to thank all our old, new, and soon to be clients


Orlando, FL/LWW Press/June 16, 2015– –Ruben D. Feliz, Owner of Ruben’s Tires, was selected for inclusion in the Volume IV edition of The Latino American Who’s Who.

Ruben’s Tires shops are full service auto mechanic shops. They can handle any automobile job, from a simple oil change to engine rebuilding. They offer customers low prices, as well as optional financing available. Some of the services they provide are window tinting, light cleaning, wheel repair, tune up, alignment, and engine diagnostics, to name a few. Ruben prides his business on excellent customer service, caring deeply for his customers and loving nothing more than putting a smile on their faces after he has taken care of their auto mechanic needs. He enforces this motto with his staff.
Ruben D. Feliz is the President of Ruben Tire Service, Corp., currently owning three major locations in Florida while in the process of continuing his expansion within the automotive industry. He currently owns Ruben’s Tires I and Ruben’s Auto located in Longwood, Florida and the other is located in Ruben’s Tires III Orlando, Florida. Ruben along side his family who are also involved with the businesses currently service all of central Florida.

Ruben Feliz is an inspirational, Hispanic Professional that was born and raised in The Dominican Republican. At a very young age, he was diagnosed with a Chronic Heart Disease. Although he was sick, Ruben always dreamed of opening up his own business against all odds. At the age of nineteen, he was chosen by a charity institution that selected him to come to The United States to receive open heart surgery. In 1992, Ruben was accompanied by his mother and the surgery was a success, instantly changing his life. After recovering he needed to return to The Dominican Republic, Ruben would’ve preferred to have stayed however he knew that the opportunity he had received would be given to other individuals like himself. So he returned home optimistic about the future and set a plan in motion to return back to the states.

Ruben D. Feliz returned and was given a place to stay with his cousin, working with him in his Sundance Tire Shop. Ruben was learning and always working hard to make sure that the needs of his customers were always met. In the year 1994, Ruben’s cousin decided that he was going to leave him in charge of the shop and return to The Dominican Republic. After four years they decided to part ways with the shop and he went to work with a prestigious Tire Company for two months. After two months and fifteen thousand dollars, the young man born and raised in the Dominican Republic with just a dream took the opportunity and opened his own business.

Ruben’s passion for his work and family extends not just to his immediate members but to all of the customers that have helped him achieve his dream. His secret to success is the fact that he always had a dream and even when it seemed unreachable he never gave up. He never let his light dim within, God was always with him and will remain. A man that was given an opportunity, with honesty and integrity he turned it into wealth. He truly enjoys his line of work and alongside his family they service the Central Florida Community. The work that this business extends to their customers is motivated by the fact that this is a man that was raised with an unhealthy heart and has now created foundations for generations to come. Ruben D. Feliz has remained humbled to his beginnings and is now the President of Ruben Tire Service, Corp. with three major locations in Florida.

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